This page is about the most important person in regards to this wiki, Claire. Claire is perfection incarnate, and nothing more really need be said about her. But, because it embarrasses her, and she's cute when she's embarrassed, ( ;D ) this whole page is going to be devoted to describing every detail about why she's so perfect. In other words, this page is going to be devoted to flattering her, not necessarily with pure truth either.

DISCLAIMER: This page is a work in progress because Brian is lazy. And sleepy. Mostly sleepy.

True Facts About ClaireEdit

• she's a piggy, a really cute one too

• not only is she stronk, but she's also manly as hell

• she's dedicated herself to making people happy - and she's good at it too

• she loves her momma, even though she's a grown ass lady

• she's regal as heck, might as well be a princess

  • spoiler alert: she's a princess

• she doesn't do her hair, and that's just plain adorable

No-So-True Facts About ClaireEdit

• she can move planets with only her mind

• she once beat up Zeus because he looked at her funny

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